The Tuckerman Climber

our new model for bigger kids!

We originally designed this play set for a family with both young and older children. With its 7′ sky box, spiral tube slide, and cargo climber –it is definitely a set that older children will enjoy. So if you have the room in your yard, (and in your budget:), it won’t be long before those 4 year olds will be 8 year olds! The Tuckerman is a wonderful play set that many children of all ages will enjoy for years.

COVID-19 Impact: The biggest supply problem I had last season was the 7’ spiral tube slide that is a big feature of this set. These slides are finally available once again, but I have to catch up on most of last season’s orders. This will probably take well into May, so any new orders for this set will have to be scheduled later in the season. As an option I can install the “Chocura” side of the set in early Spring and then come back latter to add the sky box, cargo climber and the big slide. The price will remain the same -pay the Chocura price when that’s delivered and the balance when the Tuckerman is finished.

$7650, delivered/ installed Northern New England , Call 603.387.5521 for pricing to Rhode Island, CT, South Coast and western Mass, and NY.

This play set is loaded with features

  • rock climbing wall
  •  monkey bars
  •  rope ladder climber
  •  easy access ladder
  •  fire house pole
  •  10′ wave slide
  •  telescope
  •  steering wheel
  •  2 belt swings & 1 trapeze (10′ swing beam)
  • spiral tube slide with sky box
  • 10′ swing beam
  • The Tuckerman Climber Cedar Playset
  • The Tuckerman Climber Cedar Playset
  • The Tuckerman Climber Cedar Playset
  • The Tuckerman Climber Cedar Playset

Please visit our accessories page for additional upgrades that are available for this play set.