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Cedar Swing Playsets Made in USA.

Cedar Swing Sets, Cedar Playsets made from Western Red Cedar

Welcome to my website! Cedar Swings and Playsets is a New Hampshire based maker of high end children’s playsets. I cover all of New England and parts of New York with delivered/ installed pricing.

I build these sets from the finest outdoor wood available- Cedar, primarily Western Red. This wood is not only decay resistant but it also finishes quite smoothly. I build the sets one at a time in a very efficient shop -before your child plays on their set I’ve handled every piece of wood in it.

Much of my business is in neighborhoods I’ve built in before, I look forward to returning each Spring. So, give me a call at 603-387-5521, or send me an e-mail at with any questions you may have about these products and let’s discuss your family’s needs.

Thanks for visiting! – Cedarpete

We Delivery in anywhere in New England and Ship anywhere in USA.