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Cedar Swings and PlaySets Made in USA.

Cedar Swing Sets, Cedar Playsets made from Western Red Cedar

Welcome to my website! Cedar Swings and Playsets is a New Hampshire based maker of high end children’s playsets. I cover all of New England and parts of New York with delivered/ installed pricing.

I build these sets from the finest outdoor wood available- Cedar, primarily Western Red. This wood is not only decay resistant but it also finishes quite smoothly. I build the sets one at a time in a very efficient shop -before your child plays on their set I’ve handled every piece of wood in it.

The supply chain has finally recovered from COVID and my warehouse is packed with high quality lumber and swing set hardware. I’d like to sell a few sets this fall and after 18 months of raising prices. I may even offer a discount on a few sets. So, give me a call at 603-387-5521, or send me an e-mail at [email protected] with any questions you may have about these products and let’s discuss your family’s needs.

Thanks for visiting! – Cedarpete

We Delivery in anywhere in New England and Ship anywhere in USA.