Playsets & Swing Sets

We Can Ship Anywhere in USA

For customers outside of New England we offer these sets semi assembled and crated for shipment nation-wide by YRC freight. The assembly work I do in the shop eliminates about ½ of the work involved when compared to setting up a Chinese set. The set will arrive exactly as it does when I deliver to a job site from which point I can assemble a Chocura in 5-6 hours

Completed assemblies;
1. Rock wall
2. Entrance ladder
3. Monkey bars
4. Monkey bar ladder

Your play set will arrive in one large crate which is assembled using the same # 2 square drive screws which you will soon be using to complete your installation. This is easiest (and cheapest) to send to a local moving/storage company or a YRC terminal so a fork lift can handle it. If we ship it to your neighborhood be sure and have some help for the driver as the crate will be disassembled on the truck and 20 bundles of wood parts, the assemblies, slide, fire pole all will be handed out the back.

  • National Sales
  • National Sales
  • National Sales

Base prices crated delivered to YRC terminal Westbrook ME;

  • Chocura $2750

Sample shipping rates to US points;

LA, CA$550
Denver, CO$521
Orlando, FL$465
Miami, FL$507
Overland park, KS$317
Pittsburgh, PA $317
Dallas, TX$413
Phoenix, AZ$523
Atlanta, GA$265
Kirkland, WA$574
Seattle, WA $570

These are sample rates please call at 603-387-5521, or send me an e-mail at "> your exact address for an actual rate