Welcome to my website! Cedar Swings and Playsets is a New Hampshire based maker of high-quality children’s play sets. I cover New England with delivered/installed pricing. The prices shown here are delivered and installed to all six New England states. I will ship the Chocura model to all 48 states crated and partially assembled. I also deliver to New York, call or e-mail me your location for pricing.

I build these sets with Western Red Cedar (WRC) from the BC Coast region – it’s the finest and most expensive outdoor wood available. As far as I know I am the only producer using WRC – most playset producers are using wood that costs about half what mine costs, and most of it will last about half as long. A few years ago I built a play set at a beautiful home in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The home was built in the 1860’s and it still had the original siding -Western Red Cedar hand split shakes. They had never been painted. Over the years (150 of them!) they had weathered to a beautiful dark charcoal color, there was no sign of decay -and I am certain of that because the proud owner of this home gave me a complete tour! For more information about the woods used by today’s play set manufacturers click on the “it’s about the wood” tab.

Please call or e-mail me about your play set needs. This time of year e-mail is better, I do carpentry work during the day-it’s hard to answer the phone when both of your hands are already in use:)! The best time to call is late afternoon, early evening. I sell 2 models, the Chocura Playset which can be customized with all of the options on the accessory page, and the Tuckerman Playset which pretty much comes with everything, plus a skybox/7’ tube slide set up. I also will do custom work. I’ve been building playsets all over New England for over 10 years now. Most of my business comes from neighborhoods I’ve been in before. I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve actually moved and reassembled several sets -my earliest customers are in high school now! Enjoy shopping! Cedarpete

So give me a call at 603-387-5521, or send me an e-mail at [email protected] if you want a great deal on a high quality Cedar play set.

Thanks for visiting! – Cedarpete

We Delivery in anywhere in New England and Ship anywhere in USA.


Cedar Playsets & Swing Sets Made in USA

We at Cedar Swings and Playsets offer three Models; Chocorua, The Tuckerman Climber & Custom

Safety is very important to us. We will not sell you a play set where 3 swing positions are squeezed into an 8′ swing beam. Our standard is a 10′ 3 position beam which gives you 17″ of separation between the swing positions. We also will not sell you a play set with monkey bars over the swings.

Chocorua Playset

chocura playset

Tuckerman Playset

tuckerman playset

Custom Designs

Custom Designs Playsets

This design might save a few bucks – but there should be something soft to land on if you fall off the monkey bars –not a bunch of chains and various types of swings. Finally -all of our swing chains are fully coated with poly-vinyl, little fingers can not get pinched between the links -this type of chain also provides a safe grip.

We pride ourselves on our delivered, installed service. Do you really want to spend 2-3 days learning how to assemble a play set, or do you want a professional to do it? Will your vehicle handle a 1000# + payload including 10′ long parts? Take the kids to the beach, play a round of golf, go for a hike, and let us build your play set. You will be able to do all three because you will have 3 days of your life back! We do a lot of pre-assembly in our shop where it’s fast and easy. Usually we are in early and done in one working day.

So check out the sets, call or e-mail any questions, and if you want to order just send me an e-mail titled order with delivery address and model/accessory details. Contact Pete Lawson (Cedarpete) – 603-387-5521 or email at [email protected]