Cedar Swings and Playsets

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We at Cedar Swings and Playsets offer three Models; Chocorua, The Tuckerman Climber & Custom

Safety is very important to us. We will not sell you a play set where 3 swing positions are squeezed into an 8′ swing beam. Our standard is a 10′ 3 position beam which gives you 17″ of separation between the swing positions. We also will not sell you a play set with monkey bars over the swings.

Chocorua Playset

chocura playset

Tuckerman Playset

tuckerman playset

Custom Designs

Custom Designs Playsets

This design might save a few bucks – but there should be something soft to land on if you fall off the monkey bars –not a bunch of chains and various types of swings. Finally -all of our swing chains are fully coated with poly-vinyl, little fingers can not get pinched between the links -this type of chain also provides a safe grip.

We pride ourselves on our delivered, installed service. Do you really want to spend 2-3 days learning how to assemble a play set, or do you want a professional to do it? Will your vehicle handle a 1000# + payload including 10′ long parts? Take the kids to the beach, play a round of golf, go for a hike, and let us build your play set. You will be able to do all three because you will have 3 days of your life back! We do a lot of pre-assembly in our shop where it’s fast and easy. Usually we are in early and done in one working day.

So check out the sets, call or e-mail any questions, and if you want to order just send me an e-mail titled order with delivery address and model/accessory details. Contact Pete Lawson (Cedarpete) – 603-387-5521 or email at